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Abducted Woman Forcefully Married In Desert!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   7 Jun 2023 3:05 PM GMT
Abducted Woman Forcefully Married In Desert!
A shocking marriage incident was reported from Rajasthan which stunned everyone. A woman was abducted by 10 men and one of them is Pushpendra. After abducting her, she was taken to the desert and created a lot of sensation saying that she will be married.

We have read about the concept of Rakshaka Vivaha in epics which talks about marrying women without considering their consent. Many say that the incident reported from Rajasthan is close to this.

This shocking happened in Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer. Going into details, a woman was supposed to tie the knot on the 12th of this month and everything was fixed.

But she was abducted by Pushpendra and his followers. The victim was taken to the desert and tried to marry her. Many might doubt how is it possible to get married in the desert. As an answer to this, her hands were tried and the grass was burnt. Despite the victim crying, Pushpendra made her revolve around it and said that marriage happened.

Despite the woman crying out loudly, Puhspendra told her that they are now married and warned her to not marry others. Pictures of doing rounds which show Pushpendra revolving around the fire carrying the woman. She was let go. The issue came to light when the girls' parents moved the Police station. Pushpendra and his followers are arrested. This issue created a sensation.