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Abortion Rights: Leaked Draft Forces Protests in US!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   4 May 2022 11:32 AM GMT
Abortion Rights: Leaked Draft Forces Protests in US!
Is the Superpower nation the United States seeing tense situations over the leaked draft that talks about changing the status quo of the abortion rights in the country? The media reports say the same. After the draft was reportedly leaked, a few intense protests rocked the nation.

Various media outlets in America said that a draft that was made to cancel the status quo on the abortion rights in the nation was leaked prompting the activists who are fighting for the abortion rights to hit the roads to show their protest against the alleged draft.

In the leaked draft, the country's top court had reportedly said that it is high time the existing Roe v Wade decision should be canceled and the representatives should hold the power to take a call on this. The leakage was enough to set the nation on fire.

If the alleged draft gets into effect, then the women in the nation cannot go for abortions like they are doing right now. They might have to face some restrictions on the abortion system in the nation. The draft deals with changing the rights that were granted with the Roe v Wade decision.

The abortion system in the United States is such that pregnant women can take a call on whether or not to go for an abortion. They can do this without running after the concerned authorities to seek permission.

Restricting the government interference in the abortion matters, the top court in the United States in a historic decision back in 1973 said that, a pregnant woman can have the liberty in going for a liberation. The case was popularly dubbed as Roe v. Wade case.

After the draft made by the country's top court was reportedly leaked, people and activists who are in support of abortion rights have shown up at the Supreme Court showing their protests against the alleged development.

Not just the supporters of the rights, the opposers of the rights as well reach the Supreme Court to show their support to the court for drafting the bill. A high-level investigation was launched to look into the matter to know the reason behind the leakage of the draft.