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Excellent: AP MLA Blames Russia-Ukraine war for Power Crisis!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   17 May 2022 9:22 AM GMT
Excellent: AP MLA Blames Russia-Ukraine war for Power Crisis!
The Russia and Ukraine war is showing effects on India directly. India is dependent on both nations to import edible oils for their needs. On top of this, India has been buying fuel from Russia despite many nations including the United States trying to put pressure on India to not do so.

The Russia-Ukraine war is giving the small vendors in India to use as an excuse to increase their prices. Even the lemon vendors and chicken vendors are using it as a reason through the war has nothing to do with the price hike.

Not just the vendors but even the politicians are using the Russia-Ukraine war to get away with the criticism they have been facing with their controversial decisions.

It is known that the Andhra Pradesh government had directed the MLAs to actively take part in the 'Gadapa Gadapaku Mana Prabhutvam' program, which helps the leaders to get in touch with the households in their respective constituencies to know the problems faced by the people.

While the Andhra Pradesh government had pinned high hopes on the scheme, the response is not that good with the people listing out the problems they have been facing with the hike of various facilities. Another MLA joined the list. During his visit, people asked him why the current charges were increased as they are facing issues with it.

As a big shock to one and all, Bhimavaram YSRCP MLA Grandhi Srinivas blamed the Russia-Ukraine war for the electricity crisis in the state. He said that the coal prices increased due to the war, and with that, the Andhra Pradesh government is being forced to hike the prices that too a minimal hike is made.

Taking everyone by surprise, the MLA alleged that, though there are a few issues in the power supply, the state is not having power cuts in a big way and the government is providing power to the households and firms.

The MLA gave a detailed explanation speaking to a woman who asked the question. He said that, during his childhood, the gold rates were very less, and right now the prices are very high. Similarly, the coal prices were increased compared to the past, he said.