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Are Ippatam Villages Genuinely Saying No Demolition Happened?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   10 Nov 2022 8:06 AM GMT
Are Ippatam Villages Genuinely Saying No Demolition Happened?
A small village in Andhra Pradesh Ippatam which was not so famous became very popular all of a sudden with the showdown that happened at the village. After a plenary meeting of the Janasena party was held there the situation changed at once. The Janasena party and the opposition parties alleged that the village was reportedly targeted by the ruling party.

Janasena party chief Pawan Kalyan made sensational allegations on the ruling YSRCP and alleged that a few houses in the village were demolished after the villagers gave their land for the party meeting. Janasenani Pawan Kalyan even visited the village and even announced one lakh each to families whose houses were demolished.

The whole nation got to know about the issue when Pawan Kalyan made a hero entry to the village on the car top. Despite the entry made people talk about the issue, Pawan Kalyan was also slammed by the national media for not following road safety.

The issue turned political with the opposition Telugu Desam Party also slamming the development and accusing Jagan of targeting the villagers. Former Minister Nara Lokesh also visited the village. This increased the political heat in the village as the opposition is targeting the ruling party.

Now the Ippatam issue took an unexpected turn as flexis saying that their houses were not demolished and don't try to make a lie true. A few houses saw the flexis behind the houses.

Though the YCP supporters are saying that the villagers understood the conspiracy that is being made to paint the lie as truth they voluntarily put up the flexes. The social media pages supporting the YCP widely shared pictures.

However, the Janasena supporters say that there is a flaw in this and the houses which were not demolished also had the flexes and this proves that someone made the posters appear and they want to hide something.

It has to be mentioned here that earlier a few houses were demolished in the village by the concerned civic body on the grounds of alleged road widening. The villagers moved the High Court and sought a stay. The court imposed a stay on the demolitions till the 15th of this month.