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Arun-Anil meet: Is Sharmila entering AP politics?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   26 Feb 2022 3:07 AM GMT
Arun-Anil meet: Is Sharmila entering AP politics?
Is a new player planning to enter the already muddled AP politics? Will YS Sharmila, who dabbled in Telangana and tried her hand there, planning to come to AP and form a new political party? Is the latest meeting of Sharmila's husband and Chrisitan evangelist Brother Anil Kumar with two-time MP and late YSR's close associate Vundavalli Arun Kumar at Rajahmundry on Friday linked to Sharmila's plans?

On Friday afternoon, Brother Anil Kumar, who has been keeping a low profile of late in both the Telugu states, made a sudden dash to Arun Kumar's house and held discussions for over one-and-a-half hours. Though both Arun and Anil did not reveal the contents of the meeting, it is widely believed that YS Sharmila is planning to enter into AP politics.

YS Sharmila, who played a key role in keeping YSRCP intact during Jagan's incarceration in Chanchalguda prison, was totally marginalized after the YSRCP came to power. She was not given any important position either in the party or in the government. She later formed YSRTP and became active in Telangana. But, the changed political scenario in Telangana has shown that she has no place in Telangana. Her rallies are getting no response and she is unable to compete with a resurgent BJP and the Congress party.

She is now said to be planning to enter AP politics. Her entry into AP could throw the YSRCP into confusion. The Reddy voters, who are feeling cheated during the Jagan regime at not being given adequate representation in the party and the government, are likely to show interest in her party. Similarly, the Dalit voters too might move towards her because of Brother Anil Kumar. It remains to be seen as to how politics pan out in AP once Sharmila enters AP.