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Ban on PFI: Modi hits three birds with one shot

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   28 Sep 2022 3:42 PM GMT
Ban on PFI: Modi hits three birds with one shot
The BJP has scored a major political victory by banning the PFI and its eight affiliates. It has hit many birds with one shot. Both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Man Friday and Union Home Minister Amit Shah must be laughing in their sleeves as they banned the rabidly fundamentalist organization accused of promoting terrorism.

Firstly, they silenced the opposition within the BJP. Of late, several key leaders of the BJP have been expressing dissatisfaction over the way the BJP was going slow on the core Hindutva issue. Several frontal organisations like the BJP, Bajrang Dal and Hindu Vahini were unhappy at treating Islamic forces with kid gloves. Many did not also like RSS chief going to Muslim leaders and holding talks with them. With the banning of the PFI, the Modi-Shah duo have wiped off all the opposition within the party. By this strong action, they have now emerged as the biggest champion of Hindutva.

They also scored a major victory when they ensured that there was no major political and protest-wise reaction to the banning of the PFI. Even the Indian Union Muslim League and the Congress have supported the government's decision. They secured support from rivals like the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha government in Jharkhand and the Left government in Kerala.

The third major victory for the Modi-Shah duo lay in making a foolproof case against the PFI so that there is no opposition even on the international arena. By invoking the PFI's links with internationally designated terrorist organisations like the ISIS, HuJi B (Harkatul Jihad Al Islami Bangladesh) and others, they ensured that the international community supports Modi Government's decision to ban.

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