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Brahmins protest against Balupu!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   20 Jun 2013 9:54 AM GMT
Brahmins protest against Balupu!
In the movies making satires on a specific community…. Those people belong to that community protest it in a huge way…. And turn it in to a big issue…. With this put up some craze to the movie and getting good first week collections after release the movie. Now it’s look like one of the part in the making of a movie. Up to date Raviteja’s film Balupu facing this type of protest from one of the community before the censor takes place.

In the past Manchu Vishnu movie Denikyna Ready facing this type of protest from the Brahmin’s community…… in the movie certain scenes demeans the Brahmins…. Everyone to know that it has been a big issue at that time….Mohan Babu Family faced attacks-counter attacks and devastated by stem at that time. Of course in the other way that issue helps the movie and this protest added plus point in the movie success this type of argument also on the public.

Now the Balupu movie unit also uses the same technique. In the movie the actress Surekha Vani character of a Brahmin wife with naughty acts and uttering dailouges, they run a unhealthy comedy on her. It has been criticized extensively. The writer who works for that film Kona Venkat, he again runs the same type of comedy track for the film Balupu now, they uses her again which reflects her character as an extension of that character in the movie with her and runs unhealthy comedy in the Balupu movie.

Now this issue leaked in advance to the Brahmin community, they protest and wants to remove of those scenes in the censor time itself.Actually Kona Venkat also belongs to the same community. On seeing these, he wants to sale tickets and gets collections of the movie by writing script with this type of issues!