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Brothers Find Themselves In Opposite Camps

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   15 Oct 2018 2:42 PM GMT
Brothers Find Themselves In Opposite Camps
G Vinod and G Vivek, the sibling politicians, have inherited politics from their illustrious father G Venkat Swami. Usually, they always swim or sink together. Both have made it big in politics. They have become big businessmen and entrepreneurs. But, for the first ever time, they might part company.

Both the brothers are now in the TRS. While Vivek wants Peddapalli MP seat, Vinod wants Chennur assembly seat. But, KCR is in no mood to oblige. He is okay with Vivek's demand, but has flatly rejected Vinod's demand. Chennur has already been given to Balka Suman and KCR indicated that there would be no change in this.

So, Vinod is now planning to join the Congress. But, Vivek can't go because he is the TRS candidate from Peddapalli. If sources are to be believed, Vinod is also planning to campaign against the TRS in Chennur. Thus, for the first time, both the brothers are on the opposite sides, ranged against one another.