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CBI Arguments On Avinash's Bail.. High Court's Questions!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   27 May 2023 7:33 PM GMT
CBI Arguments On Avinashs Bail.. High Courts Questions!
YCP MP Avinash Reddy is facing allegations in former MP YS Vivekananda Reddy's murder case. The CBI is trying its level best. On the other hand, YS Avinash Reddy is trying his level best in escaping from the arrest. Telangana High Court gave clarity on the hide-and-seek game between CBI and Avinash. It directed the CBI to not arrest Avinash till Wednesday. Lawyers of Avinash and Viveka's daughter Sunitha placed their arguments before the court on Friday. CBI placed its arguments in the court on Saturday. The High Court raised some questions and CBI lawyers answered them.

Let us look into the arguments of CBI during the inquiry and the questions the High Court judge shot:

High Court's Questions:

-You Are stating many opinions on the Murder. What's the main reason?

- If Avinash Reddy is so influenced politically.. What's the reason behind killing Viveka?
- 2017 elections might have been managed? Will they go for murder?

- Reasons behind arresting Bhaskar Reddy and Uday Reddy? What Information is derived from them?
- Were injuries spotted on Viveka's Body Straightaway?

- How cleaning blood stains becomes evidence tampering? Looking at the dead body we can say it is a murder.. There is no need for blood stains no?

- Anyone can say it is a murder looking at the injuries? What is the loss of pieces of evidence if blood is cleared?

- Was the doctor present when the body was taken for post-mortem from the house?

-Did you ask for Gangireddy's WhatsApp Chat

- Did you take Avinash Reddy's phone during the questioning time?

-With whom Avinash Reddy chatted on WhatsApp?

-Was Gangireddy's WhatsApp busy when Avinash Reddy was on WhatsApp?

- CBI is suspecting Avinash Reddy's role in this long back.

-Was Avinash Reddy's mobile seized?

- Why is investigation going slowly on the key aspects?

- What is the time of Viveka's Murder?

- How are you saying Avinash was at his house at that time?

-What evidence do you have to say Avinash has prior information?

CBI's Arguments:

-The conspiracy was planned one month before Viveka's murder. The murder happened for Political reasons.
- The Avinash family has political issues with Viveka. A conspiracy happened behind Viveka's defeat in the MLC elections.

- Viveka asked for a Kadapa Mp seat for Vijaya Lakshmi or Sharmila. Avinash wanted to have an upper hand on Viveka politically.

- Bhaskar Reddy and Uday were arrested for involvement in the conspiracy.

-Bhaskar Reddy and Uday Reddy did not cooperate in the investigation. Avinash Reddy conspired for Viveka's murder through Gangireddy. Gangireddy dragged those who were angry with Viveka into the plan.

-Letter was seized and sent to the forensic lab. It is found that the handwriting was Viveka's. Avinash and Shiva Shankar's WhatsApp chat had details of transfers and appointment of officers amid SIT investigation. Sunitha's husband told Shankarayya to file an FIR.

-Neither Avinash Reddy nor Bhaskar Reddy complained about Viveka's death. After Viveka's murder, MP Avinash Reddy spoke to Gnagireddy and the other accused at around 5: 20 AM.

-There is data that on March 15 Avinash spoke on WhatsApp calls between 1:50 AM and 5:30 AM. We got Avinash's phone's IDPR data. Gangireddy did not accept that he chatted with Avinash Reddy. Only WhatsApp calls are found. We cannot find with whom WhatsApp calls were spoken.