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CCTV Footage Records Spine-chilling Suicide On Flyover!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   6 Jun 2023 7:37 PM GMT
CCTV Footage Records Spine-chilling Suicide On Flyover!
The pearl city Hyderabad stands tall in terms of safety as the coyote has the highest number of CCTVs compared to other cities and it even competes with foreign cities in this aspect. The CCTVs helped solve a few cases and came in handy. The CCTVs now recorded a spine-chilling suicide case.

A man jumped from the Balanagar flyover which was constructed to ease the traffic and passed away. His acts were recorded in the CCTVs which shows him going on top of the flyover and jumping from it after swinging for a few seconds. He first sat on the side of the flyover before jumping which hints that he did this on purpose.

The person who jumped from the flyover was identified as Ashok and he is a welder by profession. It is said that he had some issues with his wife and fought with her. After the fight, he reached the spot and jumped from the Balanagar flyover.

As the case came out new things are coming out and it is said attempting suicide is not new to Ashok and he tried it a few times. Once he cut his hand to end his life. But he was saved by someone. The attempt he made this time claimed his life as he jumped from the Balanagar flyover.

The CCTV footage clearly recorded what happened. However, a case was filed and the investigation is underway to see if there are any other angles in the suicide case. It is said that there are a few doubts about the possible reasons behind the suicide and the investigation would clear them.