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Chandrababu Sells Dreams On Amaravati In Singapore

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   10 July 2018 6:34 AM GMT
Chandrababu Sells Dreams On Amaravati In Singapore
If he were not a politician, Chndrababu Naidu would have made a very good real estate salesman. The realters sell dreams. They show a hospital, a park, a school and a water tank where none exist and say that the plot is close to IIT, airport and what not. When the buyers go to the plots, they find none of these. But, by that time they would have already paid half the amount to the realtor.

Chandrababu too is no less than a real estate salesman. He is showing parks, living spaces, amenities, state-of -the-art infrastructure , most modern cinema halls and even a battery of electric cars in Amaravati, where none exists. As of now, Amaravati is a piece of barren land. No buildings have been constructed and no roads laid out. He is showing everything through make believe computer graphics.

The other day, Chandrababu Naidu made similar presentations to the industrialists in Singapore and wanted them to invest in Amaravari. But what is there in Amaravati at present except for empty lands. He has asked everyone to come and settle in Amaravati. He then made an outlandish claim that Amaravati would have no pollution. As of now there are no constructions. So, there is no pollution. But, will the situation be same when construction works begin? But, the dream merchant that Chandrababu is, he is selling just dreams and nothing else.

But, what will he tell representatives from Singapore actually visit the place? How will he explain low pollution levels when there is no construction at all?