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Chief Of India's Friendly Nation To turn Father at 69?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   11 July 2022 12:48 PM GMT
Chief Of Indias Friendly Nation To turn Father at 69?
Russian President Vladimir Putin is a popular global leader who doesn't need any introduction. The world knows him even better after he waged a war against the European nation Ukraine. Things are not going well between the two nations for a few decades and Putin wanted to settle the scores once and for all and he called for war.

While one fails to understand, why Putin is aggressively pushing for war, despite many nations finding fault, a few reports say that the Russian President is suffering from a rare disorder and he wants to see Russia winning over Ukraine when his health condition is fine.

Now the reports are abuzz that Putin is reportedly expecting a baby with his lover. The 69-year-old President already has four children and he is reportedly expecting his gift child with his lover Alina Kabaeva, according to the media.

Though the Russian President is believed to have developed a rare condition that makes it tough for him to even stand, he reportedly impregnated his lover.

As his health condition is believed to have reached a point where he might not live more than five years, Putin might have decided that he should extend his family as much as possible and he is not even taking a back step in this regard.

Putin always tries to keep his personal life secret. But after the Ukraine war row, new things are coming out and there were reports that the United Stations has imposed a few sanctions on Putin's girlfriend.