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Complaints Of Forcible Collections For Yadadri Temple Gold Plating

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   28 Oct 2021 5:33 AM GMT
Complaints Of Forcible Collections For Yadadri Temple Gold Plating
Will Telangana Chief Minister KCR's plan to gold-plate the Yadadri temple boomerang on the ruling party? Are the TRS leaders, in their over enthusiasm to reach the Rs 65 crore target set by KCR, resorting to forced collections and extortions? There are widespread allegations that the TRS leaders were demanding money from contractors, businesspersons and others.

During his visit to Yadadri on October 19, CM KCR has said that 125 kgs of gold was needed to gold-plate the temple and its gopuram. He said Rs 65 crore would be collected for the same from the donors. He also said that 12769 gram panchayats, 3600 wards and 142 municipalities would be made partners in the effort.

Taking cue from KCR, the TRS leaders are on a fundraising spree. They are said to have set targets for contractors, local businessmen and others. Recently, party functionaries demanded Rs 5 lakh from a quarry owner in Medchal. Educational institutions, engineering colleges, and major hotels are also reportedly being pressured to part with their money.

Interestingly, this collection drive is at variance with the fund raising for the Ayodhya temple. In the case of Ayodhya collections, lakhs of workers went from house to house, explained the need for donation and collected the voluntary contributions - big and small - from the general public. It was a massive public contact drive. In the case of Yadadri, there are widespread allegations of coercion by the TRS workers. This is leading to resentment among the donors.