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Covid Deaths: WHO and India Counter Each Other

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   6 May 2022 7:19 AM GMT
Covid Deaths: WHO and India Counter Each Other
Despite facing as many as three deadly waves of the Covid outbreak, India faced severe criticism for not containing the virus. Many experts feel that India would have been in a better position if the right precautions were taken by the Indian government.

In addition to this, many international media outlets have alleged that India had underreported the Covid casualties and the correct numbers would be many folds higher than the numbers mentioned by the Indian government. Adding fuel to this, the global health body said the same.

The International public health body World Health Organization in its recent report said that due to the Covid havoc as many as 4.7 million people have breathed their last. The numbers mentioned by the WHO is quite high than the numbers published by the Indian government.

The global body said that the Covid pandemic had hit India really hard by leaving a severe toll on the health system in the country. As a result, 4.7 million "excess" Covid deaths took place in the country between January 2020 and December 2021. In a span of one year, India saw this disaster according to WHO.

If we draw a comparison between the Covid death numbers mentioned by the National Health Department and the World Health Organization there are many folds higher. While the data according to India says 5,20,000 people have breathed their last, the WHO data says 4.7 million people have died. The difference between the deaths is close to ten times which is quite high.

As the WHO report is raising many eyebrows, India had hit back and said that the model used by the WHO to measure the deaths is not right. India fought fault with WHO for using the mathematical model to calculate the deaths as the accurate data of the deaths is available.

With India and WHO saying that their version is right and the data given by them is right, one wonders who should believe. Who is telling the truth here WHO or India? is the main question here. India is saying that it had reported the accurate numbers and they were not twisted in any manner.