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Covid proves costly for United States,casualties on a highrise!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   2 Feb 2022 1:30 PM GMT
Covid proves costly for United States,casualties on a highrise!
The novel Coronavirus continues to make the world fear it. The deadly virus is constantly changing its form and more and more new variants of the virus are emerging. A new variant was detected by scientists that was now found in more than 50 nations across the globe. The variant named BA.2, dubbed as the sub-variant of Omicron was detected.

While the list of countries suffering from the Covid outbreak is getting bigger, one name remains constant in the list which is the United States. The world is facing the third wave of the virus and the United States is no exemption from this.

The infections and casualties triggered by the Covid are seeing a steady rise in the country. The weekly average in the superpower nation is increasing with each week passing. As a result of the New Year celebrations, America saw a rise in the cases and the previous week also saw a sharp rise in the cases.

The data collected by the prestigious Johns Hopkins University said that thousands of Covid patients are breathing their last battling the virus daily and the casualties have reached a point that the death count now stood at the highest point.

The fear is not over yet. If we have to take the predictions of the experts seriously, the casualties caused by the Covid outbreak will increase further as a few states are lagging in terms of the Covid vaccinations. Lack of vaccinations is ringing danger bells across the states as the cases and casualties are increasing rapidly.

The Omicron variant is ringing danger bells in the United States and the variant is the driving force of the virus spread. The recently tested samples say that the major share of Covid infections was caused by Omicron.

Not just the infections, the hospitalizations are also increasing rapidly with the Omicron spreading its wings. Besides normal hospitalisations, admissions in the Intensive care units (ICUs) across the nation are also on a rise. With lakhs of people testing Covid positive daily, the Covid caseload in the United States rose to 75,316,209. So far, as many as 890,528 people have lost their lives reportedly.