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Covid virus survives for more than 232 days in human body

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   30 Jan 2022 8:48 AM GMT
Covid virus survives for more than 232 days in human body
Latest research on Covid virus has brought to the fore the startling fact that Covid virus survives in the human body far longer than expected. The studies conducted in Latin America suggest that the virus stays in the human body even after 14 days. Hitherto, it was believed that the virus cannot live in the human body beyond 14 days.

According to the findings of the study, published in the Frontiers of Medicine, the virus could be active for up to 70 days. The study was conducted by the University of Sao Paulo and Oswaldo Cruz Foundation. Several internationally renowned scientists from across the world were involved in the study.

The study showed that in at least 8 per cent of the covid patients studied, the Covid virus survived for more than 2 months. They are asymptomatic, but can act as carriers and vectors of the virus. The study also showed that in one individual, the virus survived for 232 days even after testing negative for Covid.

If this individual moves about in the locality without wearing a mask, he would have infected thousands of people, the study said. The study suggested that the governments should track the patients even after there were declared negative for covid. This knowledge would be useful for understanding the mutations and tracking the new variants, said the study.