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Crime Story: Woman Plans BF's Murder with Second Boy Friend!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   13 May 2022 10:26 AM GMT
Crime Story: Woman Plans BFs Murder with Second Boy Friend!
Social media which is at its peak comes with a few negative impacts as it played in extramarital affairs with the married couples finding love in others with whom they form friendships online. In many instances, this was proved and another example was added to the list.

Raising many doubts about how worse social media could be in the coming days, a married woman developed a friendship with a person, she met online. Their friendship blossomed and turned out into love. The married woman and her lover became so close that she did nude calls many times.

The married woman did not know that her social media lover had recorded the nude calls. After recording the calls, he reportedly started blackmailing her. Reports say that he began threatening the victim saying that he would make the nude calls public if she doesn't accept his marriage proposal.

Unable to take the harassment and threatening treatment, the woman had called her second boyfriend. Along with her boyfriend, she prepared a plan to get rid of her first boyfriend. As planned earlier, she called her first boyfriend and asked him to come there. He went there and little does he know that he has done a big mistake by going there.

After looking for the woman, the person began to leave the place, all of a sudden, two people, the women's second boyfriend, and his friend showed up and hit him on his head hardly making him sustain serious injuries. In the mishap, the first boyfriend's mobile phone got lost and the attackers could not search for it as passersby came to the location hearing the screams.

Looking at the injuries, everyone thought that the case was an accident. After the mobile phone of the victim was found, the cops had searched the call history and found out that it was the woman who called him to the place, where he was brutally attacked.

When started digging deeper into the issue, the cops found out what went through the murder. The woman, her second boyfriend, and his friend were arrested and further investigation is on.