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Dangerous Trend of Educational Institutions Endorsing Politics!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   25 May 2022 10:58 AM GMT
Dangerous Trend of Educational Institutions Endorsing Politics!
The centuries-old Masjid-temple controversy in the temple city of Uttar Pradesh Varanasi is getting a wide range of attention than ever. Unlike in the past, people are now talking about it more. The Muslim and Hindu sides have their narration and sides to the issues. The court will hear the issue this month and all eyes are on the court now.

Adding fuel to the controversy, a section of Hindus are trying to show their support to the Hindu side by suggesting the Gyanvapi temple on Google maps in the place of the Gyanvapi mosque. Earlier there were reports that the message is circulating in the WhatsApp groups.

Now even the educational institutions have entered the row and reportedly asked their students to do the honors in suggesting the name. The school authorities have reportedly sent an e-mail to the old students urging them to do the work.

Reports say that a popular school in Bengaluru sent a letter to old students to edit Gyanvapi mosque to Gyanvapi temple on google maps. The school reportedly encouraged the students to make others as well a part of this.

We are already seeing what happens when politics and religion come together. The Hijab issue showed us this. While the opposition parties who bank on minority votes supported the fighting students, the ruling BJP said hijab cannot be allowed inside the institutions.

The educational institutions which are supposed to inculcate good principles and ideas in the students' minds are now showing interest in politics. School heads having political agenda is not wrong. But holding such a position and doing politics is not what is not appreciable.