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Did India Fare Well In Dealing Covid Compared To China?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   4 Dec 2022 11:33 AM GMT
Did India Fare Well In Dealing Covid Compared To China?
The last two years were very tough for the world due to the deadly Covid outbreak. We did not see such a big disaster in recent times. Everything around us came to a standstill with this. As the other nations felt the heat now it's the turn of dragon country China to face the impact of the pandemic.

Though China never admitted many feel that Covid was an experiment made by China as a trial of bio war. The previous President of the United States Donald Trump made sensational allegations about China that it released the pandemic onto the world. He tried his best in making the World Health Organization announce China as the reason behind the Covid disaster.

China is going through a very tough time as it is unable to deal with the rising Covid cases. It is strictly implementing the zero COVID policy to stop the virus from further spreading. People who developed the symptoms are forced to stay in quarantine under tough conditions.

People are not happy to go through the quarantine and want to stay home. Now a video is doing rounds that show a person being dragged out of the house who refused to go inside the quarantine facility.

The US-based media outlet CNN International shared a clip that allegedly shows a person being dragged out of his house after he said no to going to the quarantine facility. People who took the person out of his house are dressed up in Covid kits as a safety measure.

The video went viral on social media and people in the country and coming out of their houses to show their anger over the restrictions the government is imposing. Usually, the Chinese government is known for being tough on people. Despite all this, people came out of their houses which is a big thing.

After the video a discussion on which country handled the Covid situation best started. People gave examples of many nations that fared well in this regard. Netizens are saying that India has done a good job in this and dealt with the situation in a better way.