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Dog Meat Can Be Consumed Officially Now!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   6 Jun 2023 6:15 PM GMT
Dog Meat Can Be Consumed Officially Now!
Meat consumption of sheep, goats, and chicken is common. But the food habits in the northeast states like Nagaland are different and people consume dog meat. People there love dog meat and consume it. People love dogs and keep them as pets and hence it is seen as a big deal here and animal lovers get offended if this happens.

No matter what, people in Nagaland love dog meat. The consumption is so high in the state that dog meat is also imported from other states. The Nagaland government imposed a ban on this and around three years back, selling dog meat was banned in the state.

Now the Guwahati High Court gave its nod for the sale of dog meat in the state. The orders given by the state government were canceled by the High Court. When dog meat sales became controversial, the government banned the sales.

The decision was challenged in the High Court and the court reserved its verdict after hearing the arguments. Now the reserved verdict was given. But animal lovers are not happy with this and they are saying that dogs are man’s friends and they are the epitome of trust. They are even saying that killing such creatures for meat purposes is not right.

The Nagaland government is also supporting animal lovers in this. But the High Court gave its verdict saying that dog meat can be used.