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Dominant than 'Omicron', this variant has more mutations!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   4 Jan 2022 12:01 PM GMT
Dominant than Omicron, this variant has more mutations!
The festive season complemented by a long weekend made the world see the Coronavirus spread its wings leaving more and more people infected with the virus. The same is the case in almost all countries. The only difference here is the size of the infections. Few countries reported fewer cases and some nations went for the highest number of cases.

On top of this, a new variant was detected in France by the experts, which is dubbed as a dominant variant than the Omicron. The mutations that come with the new virus are also high compared to Omicron. The experts have named the new variant IHU.

Within no time, the infections triggered by the newly found variant are increasing in France. More surprisingly, the major share of people who were infected with the virus has received their vaccine doses.

The common thing in the new infections is the travel history of the passengers to South Africa, the birthplace of the Omicron variant. The vaccine escaping capability of the new variant is ringing danger bells in France.

The new virus which is believed to have originated from Cameroon, an African nation, is a big concern for the fact that its spike protein has substances like amino acids and particles like N501Y and E484K.

The team of researchers who had done a study on the new variant have cited the IHU variant as an example to highlight how more and more variants of the Coronavirus will emerge due to the unavailability of data that gives an insight into the behavior of the virus.