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Donald Trump Indicted Of Allegations, Is Arrest Inevitable?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   31 March 2023 12:10 PM GMT
Donald Trump Indicted Of Allegations, Is Arrest Inevitable?
Donald Trump, the former President of the United States is dubbed as one of the most controversial leaders. During his stint at the White House and after leaving office as well Donald Trump faced many allegations of misusing his power and position. One such incident came back to bite him.

As expected a jury indicted Donald Trump against the allegations. This makes him the first President of the United States to attract criminal charges. With the jury convicting him on the charges, there is a debate that Donald Trump might be arrested.

Going into details, Donald Trump is facing allegations of paying hush money payments to ex-porn actress Stormy Daniels. However, he is said to have covered up the allegations. But the old case is haunting the former President of the US. The allegations in the case have been doing rounds since 2018.

But now A New York grand jury is satisfied that allegations against Donald Trump are true. With this people are discussing what would happen next in the case while many believe that Donald Trump would be arrested.

Ever since the allegations popped up, Donald Trump has been denying them. But he was indicted. Moreover, the development came ahead of the Presidential polls in the country. So the election episode became interesting with this. We have to wait and see whom the Republican party would make run the polls.

If Donald Trump gets arrested then it would be a big development and would change the political picture in the US when the Presidential elections are slated for commencement. Donald Trump is facing allegations in a few other incidents like US Capitol Violence.

Stormy Daniels reportedly had sex with Donald Trump. Through his lawyer, Trump sent around $130,000 (£100,000) as settlement money so that the former adult actress would not talk about this openly. But she surprised many by talking about the incident.

Though no action was taken against Donald Trump in the case, the lawyer who made the deal with the former adult actress was arrested. Now it is the turn of Donald Trump to face the indiction. Taking to Twitter, the ex-US President expressed his dissatisfaction and anger on this.