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Dragon Country China gets Haunted by Covid outbreak?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   28 March 2022 7:22 AM GMT
Dragon Country China gets Haunted by Covid outbreak?
A couple of years back, the world was hit by a deadly crisis called the Coronavirus pandemic. More than 200 nations across the globe were hit severely hard and the health sector in the respective nations faced a heavy toll. Multiple waves made the nations go through a tough time and the world had started to recover from the pandemic.

The dragon country China is said to be the creator of the Covid virus, despite the nation rubbishing the opinion. Many nations including the United States have held China responsible for leaving the deadly virus on to the world.

More than two years after the emergence of the Covid virus, the dragon country is having the taste of its own medicine as the infections and casualties triggered by the contagious Covid virus are going up constantly.

The hospital admissions in China have also increased in China and the authorities are breaking their shells on how to deal with the tense situation and bring the situation under control.

Now the government is said to be working on imposing a lockdown to stop the virus spread and as part of the same, Shanghai city will be put under lockdown and the lockdown will be imposed in a phased manner.

Reports say that a part of the city will go under lockdown for not less than a week, while the western Shanghai city will face the lockdown for as many as two weeks. Given the importance of Shanghai city to China's economy, the government had reportedly decided to go for the lockdown in a phased manner.

Having taken the decision to go for the phased lockdown, the government is said to have asked the people in the city to follow the guidelines issued under the lockdown decision. Barring the essential services all the services will be shut down

The public transport and other services will not be available until the lockdown is lifted and the essential services sector employees will make sure that they will be available to render their services. Following the orders, they are expected to be working from home to see that people won't face any issues.