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Drones Sent By Russia Hits Key Areas In Kyiv!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   19 Dec 2022 11:21 AM GMT
Drones Sent By Russia Hits Key Areas In Kyiv!
Yet again Russia targeted the European nation Ukraine. As per the information, the Russian force carried out drone attacks on the capital city Kyiv. Around 20 drones were unleashed by the Russin forces and 15 of them were taken down by the Ukrainian forces.

The enemy drone detecting setup facility reportedly altered the Ukraine forces and they destroyed 15 out of the 20 drones that were sent by the Russian forces. Though the drones were destroyed, they caused big damage in Kyiv by destroying critical infrastructure.

The Russian drone reached Kyiv in the early morning of Monday as per the information. The Air Defence system did its work by destroying the majority of drones. The rest of the drones targeted the key areas and left a few regions sty without power and water.

Governor Oleksiy Kuleba slammed the drone attack from Russia and said that the attack pushed around three areas into serious crisis as the power system was hit and the power supply was cut for the areas.

It has to be mentioned here that Russia intensified its attack on Ukraine by launching new attacks. The new drone attack is the third attack from the Russian forces in recent times.

Earlier last week, the Russian forces launched around 70 small missiles at Ukraine. Of late, Russia is giving its best in in attacking Ukraine to take the nation into its control to put an end to the long pending issues between the two nations.

A few media reports say that the Russian forces might carry out attacks on the European nation as the possibility of further attacks from Russia cannot be ruled out.

Russia and Ukraine have had a few issues for some time. To put an end to the issues, Russian President Vladimir Putin took a shocking decision and waged a war against Ukraine. The war started on the 24th of February and it has been going on since then.

The efforts made by other nations to stop Russia from attacking Ukraine did not pay off as the superpower nation is ready to listen to anyone. Even the United Nations could not make Russia listen to it.