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Even Own People Did Not Trust Me: Pawan Kalyan!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   13 July 2023 6:36 PM GMT
Even Own People Did Not Trust Me: Pawan Kalyan!
Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan is making all sorts of sensational comments that are grabbing everyone's attention. The intensity around the allegations he made against the Volunteers is not over yet. Some or the other development is going on as far as the comments and allegations are concerned.

Now Pawan Kalyan created another big sensation with his comments. YCP leaders often say Janasena is the B team of TDP. But it is very sad to see even own party leaders saying this. Others saying such comments is different and own people making such comments is different, he said.

Pawan became emotional about this and said that even his own party members did not trust him. Own people doubting is a big issue for me. It is very sad to see that my own party people did not trust me. Others saying this is ok. But own people saying this is a big issue, Pawan Kalyan said.

"There will be temptations in politics. Surpassing them is ethical politics. We should learn how to counter back the attacks on social media and offline. We should be very careful about this," Pawan Kalyan reportedly told the Janasena leaders.

Adding further, Pawan Kalyan said that Janasens is not a party that changes its ideologies every five years. I will think twice to spend Rs 10k for me. But I will not have a second thought to give even Rs 1 crore when others are in need. I started the common man protection force in 2008 and I did not start my political party by then, he said.