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Farmer Becomes Crorepati With Recent Rains!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   6 Jun 2023 5:43 PM GMT
Farmer Becomes Crorepati With Recent Rains!
Recent rains in a region stunned everyone as a few people found diamonds and became crorepatis. Their fate changed in a single night and farmers became crorepatis. The news grabbed the attention of non-locals as well and people from neighboring areas are also trying their luck and searching for diamonds. A few regions in Andhra Pradesh's Kurnool district saw the magic and became a sensation. People became crorepatis in the past. In another instance, a person from Basinenipalle became crorepati as he found diamonds.

Going into details, there is a popular opinion that the border areas of the Anantapur and Kurnool districts are famous for diamonds. Many believe that rains will bring out the diamonds from the land. A farmer from Basinenipalle village in Maddikera found a diamond in the field. He kept the diamond for auction and he got around Rs 2 crores for it.

This news became a sensation locally and people from neighboring areas also reached the village to try their luck. Every year people search for diamonds after rain. If luck shines people will turn crorepatis in just a night. One farmer became a crorepati and his life changed at once.

Many have doubts about how diamonds reached there. Kurnool City falls under the area which was once ruled by Andhra Bhoja Krishnadevaraya. It is said that back then people used to sell diamonds on the roads and as time passed by diamonds went into the land. Due to the heavy rains, diamonds come to the surface and people get to find them. People from other districts and states are also coming to the region for the diamond search.