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Are The Differences Between The Two Brothers Benefit TRS Party?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   17 Jan 2020 8:19 AM GMT
Are The Differences Between The Two Brothers Benefit TRS Party?
Late G VenkataSwamy's two sons were defined as Ram and Lakshman at one point of time but now the people are in a dilemma after seeing that Vinod joined Congress party and Vivek joined BJP.

Both the sons of the late G Venkataswamy now become the hot topic in their constituencies. People of the constituencies were in a dilemma, as both the brothers who were called as Ram and Lakshman were now in two different parties. Vinod joined the Congress party and the Vivek joined the BJP, now both the parties Congress and BJP who lost their vote share after the formation of Telangana state now looking forward to give a tough fight to TRS party.

Vinod was a member in Congress since 1999 and previously he was labour minister of undivided Andhra Pradesh. He later joined TRS in 2014. He has been keeping a distance from TRS over a few years. Vivek who left TRS joined BJP on 9th August 2019. He was the vice-chairman of Vishaka industries.

The confusion started in the fans as both the leaders joined in two different parties, let us see, how the people will respond to the decisions taken by both the leaders, the political experts say that the BJP and Congress are trying to regain their party in Telangana. The political experts also say that there is a chance of dividing the vote ratio and the people will now be in a dilemma, who to vote.