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Harsh Intentions Behind Rape And Ileana

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   30 April 2013 8:15 AM GMT
These days media is taking control of many things and like in Western countries they are influencing voters to vote for certain party and to make certain film a hit. Many media houses are now examples of this and here goes their harsh intentions.

Coming to Rapes in India and especially Delhi, even earlier too there used to be same number of rapes and the police and judiciary used to function in the same way. But media has blown some rapes out of proportion in the recent days and they started treating rape as perfect TRP material. So, whenever there is a rape happening, there will be a breaking news, special story, discussion bulletin and philosophical judgement by a media house about it. Though the intensity of crime is different, the intensity with which our channels show is different. And this is purely for their own business purpose but not for the sake of society.

Secondly we should talk about hour-glass beauty Ileana D’Cruzz. For every new film that is announced in Tollywood and Bollywood, it has become hobby for our medias to link Ileana’s name with it. When Mahesh Babu’s new film is announced, Ileana’s name surfaced. Similarly for Pawan-Trivikram movie, and for Tagore Hindi remake Gabbar, everyone went on saying Ileana signed them. As if there are no other heroines, why Ileana is so highlighted in all these cases though she is not a star-heroine anymore? Once again it is desperate media that wants huge TRPs, as any single news of Illy is getting attention. How silly this is!