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How Akhila Priya Killed Two Birds With One Stone?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   12 July 2018 8:20 AM GMT
How Akhila Priya Killed Two Birds With One Stone?
Is young Akhila Priya proving to be a mature politician? Is she cleverly playing her cards to floor her political opponents on the mat? After pinning down AV Subba Reddy in Nandyal, she has now moved in to smack down her rival in Kurnool - TG Venkatesh. See how she did it?

After her fight with her had Bhuma Nagireddy's Man Friday Subba Reddy, the issue went to Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu's court. Even when Chandrababu called Akhila Priya and Subba Reddy, Akhila Priya told Chandrababu that she cannot come on the appointed day as she has to perform her rituals pertaining to her departed father. She clearly indicated to Chandrababu that she is the political heir to her father's legacy. When the meet happened, she came out unscathed and Subba Reddy was asked to stay away from Allagadda, which is Akhila Priya's burrough.

Later, to offset her rivals, she brought in her uncle SV Mohana Reddy into the party. By bringing in SV Mohan Reddy, she effectively checkmated Kurnool's strongman TG Venkatesh. Using her friendship with Nara Lokesh, she has attacked TG by making Lokesh announce the name of SV Mohan Reddy as the party candidate for 2019 elections. This has put a question mark on Venkatesh's son Bharat's political future. Bharat wanted to contest from Kurnool. Chandrababu will only confirm SV Mohan Reddy's candidature as he may not like to give room to rumous that there is a rift between him and Lokesh.

Thus, by playing her cards very carefully, she has proved that she can play politics better than her dad and mom!!