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How Can Twitter Lay Off Workforce Suddenly Asks India?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   7 Nov 2022 12:27 PM GMT
How Can Twitter Lay Off Workforce Suddenly Asks India?
It is known that the Union Government of India led by the BJP is trying hard to make the social media platforms follow the law of the land to work here. Back then the issue even reached the Supreme Court with the Twitter India officials moving the Apex Court seeking support.

The issues between Twitter and India became even more problematic after the Twitter deal. Things are not going well between Elon Musk and the Indian government on the Tesla cars as the government made it clear that Tesla cars should be manufactured where to get some benefits.

Another issue made the Indian government angry at the Twitter administration led by Elon Musk as many Indian employees are reportedly laid off by the company. Earlier there were reports that a major share of Twitter India's workforce is being removed.

Indian IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw reacted to this and said it is not fair to remove the players without any notice. Sharing his dissatisfaction, the Minister opined that the employees should have got enough time to get another job as losing a job all of a sudden makes it tough.

There is a point in what the IT Minister said. Losing jobs all of a sudden turns the employees' lives upside down. It becomes even tougher if the employees have any loans to clear as they have to pay an additional amount for cheque bounce charges