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How different is Jagan's March 19 from Chandrababu's November 19?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   19 Nov 2021 2:01 PM GMT
How different is Jagans March 19 from Chandrababus November 19?
History, as they say, repeats itself. Interestingly, when YS Jagan left the assembly in 2015 March, he too left with folded hands and said that he would re-enter the assembly as the chief minister of the state. He came back riding an anti-incumbency wave in 2019.

On November 19, the roles were reversed. While Chandrababu was in power in 2015, now Jagan is in power. Chandrababu left the assembly saying that he would return only as the chief minister. He too went out with folded hands. Whether an ageing Chandrababu would return to the assembly next time and whether he would be able to reclaim the lost ground in Kuppam are big questions.

Whether Chandrababu would be able to criss cross the state the way Jagan did in 2015 is a moot question. Jagan was in early 40s in 2015, while Chandrababu is close to 70 now. By 2024, he would be 72 and would not be physically as virile as Jagan would be. His son Lokesh is yet to prove himself.

Interestingly, there is something eerily similar. While Jagan left the assembly on March 19, Chandrababu left the assembly on November 19. Jagan's vow to reenter the assembly only as a chief minister was fulfilled. But, will Chandrababu too be able to fulfil his vow?