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How much top companies will earn per second?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   17 Nov 2013 11:39 AM GMT
How much top companies will earn per second?
How much money do the top technology companies make per year?..It’s quite easy to answer for regular followers. But how much companies make per seconds. Is a difficult one to answer.

Generally Companies used to announce their results on yearly basis and they also used to pay salaries to their employees as a package of one year.It’s a more or less fact that Companies used to make huge profits and they just offer peanuts for their workers.Now companies started calculating their profits even on second basis

A UK-based website breaks down average revenue at the world’s biggest companies by the second. A website called created an interactive infographic that tells you roughly how much money some of the biggest companies in the world make per second.

The highest grosser on the list is Smartphone Machine Samsung, which hauls in almost $6,500 a second . It is followed closely by Apple at $4,540 a second.

Here is the list of seconds income of noted companies

Samsung: 6,486 $ (4,09,318INR)( (In the ten minutes it took us to write this post, Samsung made almost $4 million).

Apple: 4,539 $ (2,86,447INR)

Intel: 1628 $ (1,02,739 INR)

Nokia: 941 $ (59,384INR)

Facebook: 230$ (14,514INR)

Blackberry: 205 $ (12,937INR)

Dell: 1,865 $( 1,17,696INR)

Google: 1,873 $ (1,18,201INR)

Microsoft:2,331 $( 1,47,104INR)

IBM:. 3,166 $ (1,99,799 INR)

HP: 3,459 $ (2,18,290INR)

Want to figure out how much you, specifically, make in a second? “If you were to take your year’s salary divide it by how many days you work, then divide that day’s hours into seconds (8 hours = 28800 seconds) you’d have your per second figure ....

Just compare it with big firms.....we know it will be certainly negligible