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How Safe Is Indian Community In the United States?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   7 Oct 2022 9:59 AM GMT
How Safe Is Indian Community In the United States?
How safe the Indian Community living in the United States is the burning question now. The rise in the attacks on Indians is the reason behind this. The gun culture that is increasing exponentially is also said to be one of the main reasons behind the Indian community becoming the target in the land of opportunities.

It is known that going out late in the United States is not safe as anyone can carry a gun there. The trend is now ringing danger bells for Indians there. At regular intervals, Indians are getting attacked.

Recently, an Indian student was brutally killed inside the University campus and his roommate is said to have killed the student. Days before that a family including a small kid who was held captive was found dead after the accused killed them.

A few days back, another incident was reported where an Indian person who works as a delivery executive for Uber eats was killed. It is said that there was no reason behind killing the victim which is surprising.

The other day, a California Man was arrested for reportedly targeting Hindu women. The accused targets Hindu women who wear gold and rob them. If they are anyone accompanying them, the accused also trashes them. The back-to-0back attacks from the accused since June made the Indian community live in fear thinking about what will happen to them.

Unfortunately, the attacks against Indians in the United States started seeing a big rise since the lockdown period. A few native Americans expressed anger towards Indians as Indian-Americans are holding good positions compared to them. Even after the lockdown was lifted, the attacks did not stop. Thye increased, unfortunately.

The records say that the attacks increased massively and people across the beliefs are getting subjected to attacks and harassment in the United States. Hindus, Sikhs, and other almost every community is attacked there. This is happening despite the United States administration having a good number of Indian representatives.

Vice President Kamala Harris is of Indian origin and the Indians living there voted for Joe Biden hoping for a good future and opportunities. Forget about good opportunities, the attacks increased largely.