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Hyd Murder: Priest Googled Ways To Kill Humans?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   10 Jun 2023 6:58 PM GMT
Hyd Murder: Priest Googled Ways To Kill Humans?
The whole country is talking about the sensational murder case that was unearthed in Hyderabad recently. Sensational details are coming out in the case regularly as the concerned cops are digging deeper into the case. Accused Sai Krishna, who is a priest by profession was sent to jail after getting arrested.

Now the media reports that Sai Krishna searched online how to kill a person before killing victim Apsara in the case. After searching online, she was eliminated. The shocking details are mentioned in the remand report as per the media reports.

It is also said that Sai Krishna almost took the Police by surprise when he was questioned. He burst into tears saying that he is innocent and he would commit suicide in jail. After saying that he has nothing to do with the case, Sai Krishna reportedly said Apsara threatened him that she would make their intimate pictures viral.

As he is in a respectable profession like a priest and enjoys a good image among the locals, Sai Krishna feared that his image would be hindered by this. So he thought of killing her and implemented what he had planned.

Accused Sai Krishna and victim Apsara knew each other for a long time. Apsara used to go to the temple in which Sai Krishna was the head priest. So the two got in touch which eventually became an extramarital affair. She reportedly became pregnant.

Sai Krishna was married and has two kids. Despite this, the two entered an extramarital affair. As she threatened to make their intimate pictures public, Sai Krishna took her to other place and hit her with a stone. She sustained injuries and breathed her last.