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I have not undergone Liposuction

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   23 Sep 2013 5:25 AM GMT
I have not undergone Liposuction
Few years ago, Manchu Vishnu used to look like a giant and he reached a stage were his weight was at 113 kgs. It was then he decided to shed all that extra flab
in search of a chiseled physique.

Responding on the reports that he has undergone liposuction to cut down the flab, Vishnu told, "Yes, I had approached a plastic surgeon for liposuction but didn't undergo the surgery. I was told surgery could only reduce 4 kgs of weight if I am weighing 113 kgs. The doctor asked me to come to him when I weigh 102 kgs. Then I thought, Why should I prefer lipo if it reduces just 4 kgs and decided to lose weight in a naturally. Since then, I have begun hitting the gym regularly. I starting working hard five months ago. The way I look now is only 30% of what I will be in the next few months".

Vishnu will be seen flaunting his well-built body in 'Doosukeltha' and six-pack abs in Manchu multi-starrer flick. He is now very confident about the way he looks and expresses the desire to attain a sexy physique.