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IAS Feels Maybe Women Should Be Allowed To carry Arms In India!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   8 Nov 2022 11:15 AM GMT
IAS Feels Maybe Women Should Be Allowed To carry Arms In India!
It is quite ironic that India which gave a big message to respect women to the world is seeing a rise in attacks against women. The rape of attacks has increased and the attacks which were not registered would be even higher. Fearing what society might think most of the victims won't make the attacks public.

Raising many concerns about the justice victims might get, the Supreme Court recently let go accused of rape and murder case. Saying that the accused should be given a chance to change themselves the Apex Court let the three accused go. The case happened months before the Nirbhaya case.

In another case, the Madhya Pradesh High Court granted bail to the convict in the gang rape case who was earlier slapped with 25 years of Rigorous Imprisonment. Saying that the accused already spent over 5 years in jail the convict was granted bail with a personal bond of Rs 2 lakhs. These two judgments raised many questions and fears among women on what could happen even if the issues are taken to the notice of courts.

Secretary to Telangana Chief Minister Smita Sabharwal who stays active on social media and fights for women's rights and issues made a sensational tweet on the two verdicts. She said that women might be allowed to bear arms if the judicial letdown continues.

Her tweet set social media on fire and people are supporting her tweet. There is nothing wrong with what she said and if no one can save women then they can take things into her hands and this might happen soon.