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India kept itself away from voting at UNSC resolution

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   26 Feb 2022 8:08 AM GMT
India kept itself away from voting at UNSC resolution
The conflict between Russia and the European nation Ukraine escalated into a war in a quick time. Despite the United States warning Russia of its invasion, the country is in no mood to hear all these. The war between the two nations had made other countries worry about the situation.

The United States, which has been vocal on the provocative nature of Russia against Ukraine, had proposed a resolution against Russia. The United States’ resolution was also supported by Albania. The resolution was tabled at the United Nations Security Council.

The resolution aims at raising the demand that Russian should call back the military forces from Ukraine. Nations like America, the United Kingdom, France, Norway, Ireland, Albania, Gabon, Mexico, Brazil, Ghana, Kenya have voted in favor of the resolution.

While many nations have voted to support the resolution, India showed diplomacy and did not cast its vote. Dragon country China and the middle east nation United Arab Emirates(UAE) have also not voted in the resolution.

After deciding to abstain from voting, India had explained the decision. India said that it is worried about what is happening with Ukraine. India’s Permanent Representative at the UN, T S Tirumurti gave the explanation.

He said that the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is concerned about Ukraine and India wants the efforts to bring the situation under control to be beefed up.

'We are also deeply concerned about the welfare and security of the Indian community, including a large number of Indian students, in Ukraine. The contemporary global order has been built on the UN Charter, international law, and respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states,' he added.

On the other hand, the United States is said to have appealed to Ukraine that people will be shifted to a safe place away from the war zone. However, the Ukrainian President is believed to have said that he doesn't need such help and he needs military help to fight the Russian army.

The intergovernmental organization United Nations, which aims at maintaining international peace, has announced financial aid to Ukraine. The United States had also announced the aid reportedly.