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Indian Army's Heroics: Chinese Army Thrashed Mercilessly!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   14 Dec 2022 11:18 AM GMT
Indian Armys Heroics: Chinese Army Thrashed Mercilessly!
Increasing the political heat at the border, the Indian Army men and Chinese forces had an intense face-off along the border. The issue even reached Parliament. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that the Chinese troops tried to trespass into Indian territory and were sent back.

However, China has a different version to say. The representatives of the Chinese Army said that the mistake was on the Indian Army's side and the Indian army barged into their territory and their armed forces had a face-off with their counterparts. Both sides are accusing each other of trying to enter the other side's territory in a bid to provocate the other side.

As a lot has been said about the face-off between both sides, a new video made its way to social media and people are saying that the video was shot when both sides had a face-off. However, there is no official confirmation of the credibility of the video.

The video shows the Indian Army thrashing the Chinese military. The Indian Army overpowered the Chinese army and beat them like anything. With metal rods and wooden sticks in hand, the Indian Army did not show any mercy and showed their heroics.

The 2:20 minute-long video is the current sensation on social media and people are widely sharing it. Though it is not known whether the video is the recent one or not, netizens are sharing it largely and dubbing it as an example of the heroics of the Indian Army in sending back the Chinese Army.