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Indian Student's Death in Canada starts debate on Hate Crime!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   12 April 2022 8:04 AM GMT
Indian Students Death in Canada starts debate on Hate Crime!
A young Indian student, who had landed in Canada with a lot of hopes and dreams, gave an unbearable loss to his family as he was shot dead at a substation. His family is still unable to digest the news that the young lad is no more. Months after reaching Canada, he lost his life.

The sad incident of 21-year-old Kartik Vasudev losing his life at an early age had brought the spotlight on the rise in the alleged hate crimes in western countries. The Indian community goes to other nations for better opportunities and they end up facing such incidents.

While many nations are seeing a rise in such crimes, in particular, such crimes are on a rise in Canada. As per the statistics, alone in 2020, Canada reported an increase in hate crimes by close to 40 percent. Immigrants and students are the main targets and victims of such crimes.

Citing the stats, the family members and friends of the young lad are alleging that the hate crime had cost his life and a rally was held demanding justice. The protestors held flags and posters with Justice for Kartik written on it.

The protests started turning intense as no arrests were made by the investigation officers as of now. However, the cops say that no eyewitness had come forward to identify the culprit and that the reason behind the delay in the arrest.

Though the local authorities are saying that they are condemning the incident and they will fight for the cause of justice for the victim, the reality is quite different as mentioned by the victim's friends.

Tracing back the unfortunate incident, it happened on Thursday, last week. While Kartik was on his way to reach his office, he was shot dead by an unidentified person. He sustained multiple bullet wounds in the attack.

The cops and onlookers tried to rescue him by shifting him to a nearby hospital facility. Unfortunately, their efforts did not pay off, and the victim breathed his last. The injuries he sustained in the attack were severe and he succumbed to them. His family was informed of the same and their world fell apart after listening to it.