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Indian Students Percentage in US goes up by over 12%: Report

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   8 April 2022 8:38 AM GMT
Indian Students Percentage in US goes up by over 12%: Report
India is among the Asian nations that see students moving to the superpower nation America for pursuing higher studies. The percentage of students who enroll themselves at United States Universities has been going up and a recent report says that India has the second-largest student population in the United States, while the dragon country China stood at the top position.

The information shared by the concerned department said that in 2021, the percentage of Indian students in the United States went up by more than 12 percent. This is for the calendar year 2021.

Despite the rise of Indian students in the United States, the overall percent of international student enrolment saw a dip in the previous calendar year due to unexpected developments like the Covid outbreak, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services observed.

Adding further, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services said that the percentage of Chinese students had come down by around eight percent during the same period.

Looking at the nations that send the highest number of students to the United States, China and India stood in the top two positions. Drawing a comparison between 2020 and 2021, both nations saw a dip in students applying to US universities.

Like many other fields and sectors, the education sector was also hit by the deadly Covid outbreak. Many students feared reaching the US as the nation was severely impacted by the pandemic and lakhs of fresh Covid infections were reported in 2020 when the first wave occurred.

The other reason for this is that the US Citizenship and Immigration Services Department saw many officials catching the Covid and staying out of their services. This brought a big dip in the workforce in the department.

With no officials to process the enrolments and fewer students applying for academic purposes, the numbers saw a decline compared to usual numbers.

The decline in international students enrollment numbers is not just the case in the United States. The other nations that offer the best education courses suffered the same due to the Covid outbreak. With the Covid impact getting diluted, the numbers have started to pick up again.