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Is BJP planning to demolish Jinnah Tower in Guntur?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   25 May 2022 8:17 AM GMT
Is BJP planning to demolish Jinnah Tower in Guntur?
Is the BJP planning to demolish the famed Jinnah Tower in Guntur? The latest statement by BJP’s senior leader and national secretary Satya Kumar says that the BJP would demolish what it calls a 'symbol of slavery and communalism' on August 16. The party wants the tower to be named either after Dalit poet Gurram Joshua or Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. If not, it would be demolished.

Jinnah Tower has a questionable history. It was erected by the grand father of late leader of the TDP Lal Jan Basha after the Muslim League activists were exonerated in a case of arson in the pre-independence era. The BJP says there is nothing patriotic or peaceful about the tower and that this 75-year-old tower is a symbol of slavery.

The detractors allege that the BJP is trying to communalise the whole issue. Why is the BJP trying to rake up a 75-year-old incident and is building communal tensions, they ask. They point out that Guntur civic body has erected an Indian Tricolour atop the tower after the BJP tried to rake the issue up. Painting the tower in National colours and hoisting a flag should have ended the issue, they argue.

Meanwhile, the Muslim organisations too are waking up to the BJP threat to demolish the tower. They have raised the issue and are planning to protect the monument. The secular leaders are worried that this issue could soon incite communal passions in the city and in the district.