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Is Chocolate Syringe a New Form of Taking Drugs?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   22 April 2022 6:24 AM GMT
Is Chocolate Syringe a New Form of Taking Drugs?
The drug menace is getting deeper and deeper. Despite the concerned authorities busting the rackets and arresting the accused, more and more incidents are happening. The way drug peddlers and drug manufacturers operate the business has been changing constantly.

Earlier, we used to hear that the working professionals and big shots used to consume drugs to get either high or to get relief from their work tensions and other tensions. Sadly, the consumers who take the drugs have changed now.

At present, students in schools and colleges are taking drugs. It's shocking to hear that the young souls who are the future of the nation are drawn towards drugs. One such racket that is believed to be selling drugs to students has been busted recently.

As per the media reports, the drug racket that is selling drugs to students has been busted in Chennai. Upon receiving information that the drug chocolates are being sold in small Kirana stores and supermarkets, the Food safety officials showed up and conducted searches in various establishments.

During the raids conducted at various shops and supermarkets, the Food Safety Officials have reportedly seized chocolates, syringes, Jellies, and Ice Creams without any details like the name of the manufacturers and other required details.

As the shops are selling these products without proper information, the Food Safety Officials have seized the shops and booked the shop owners for the sales. On the other hand, the products that were seized were sent to labs for further tests.

Besides this, the Food Safety Officials have also seized syringes that were filled with chocolates. Doubting that the chocolates might be filled with drugs, the syringes were also sent for further tests. The officials who have raised the places also have many doubts about the quality of chocolates as the chocolate was filled in the syringes

Taking drugs is wrong no matter what the age of the consumers is. But when it comes to children and students, it is even more concerning. They are putting their lives in danger and their loved ones too. In a toxic mind after taking drugs they end up doing wrong things. It is high time that the concerned authorities give their best in dealing with the menace.