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Is KCR indirectly helping Eatala in Huzurabad?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   3 Aug 2021 8:02 AM GMT
Is KCR indirectly helping Eatala in Huzurabad?
Is KCR actually helping Eatala Rajendra in Huzurabad? Political analysts say that KCR's strategies are indirectly benefiting Eatala. They said that the over emphasis on Huzurabad could actually go on to prove counterproductive and make Eatala a hero of sorts.

Ever since, Eatala was edged out and a byelection became necessary in Huzurabad, KCR has only been talking about the constituency. He has deployed his best lieutenants in Huzurabad. Several MLAs and ministers have been camping in the constituency. Every day, some meeting or the other is being organized every day. The proposed launch of the ambitious Dalit Bandhu scheme from Huzurabad has also made the constituency very important.

Similarly, KCR is also planning to launch the second phase of the sheep rearing assistance programme from Huzurabad. The meeting of the Dalit Bandhu beneficiaries from Huzurabad in Pragathi Bhavan and other such steps have raised the importance of the constituency. All these have gone on to make Eatala look larger than life. This has helped raise his profile. Suddenly Eatala has begun looking very important.

So, by repeatedly talking about Eatala and Huzurabad, KCR is in reality helping Eatala instead of hurting him. Everything in Huzurabad is being seen as Eatala vs entire TRS, including KCR. Due to this Eatala is only growing stronger by each passing day.