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Is This What You Ask A Homeless Man: Prime Minister Slammed!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   28 Dec 2022 11:49 AM GMT
Is This What You Ask A Homeless Man: Prime Minister Slammed!
Indian origin Rishi Sunak became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom a few months back. After the public representatives backed him he became the Prime Minister. As the nation is dealing with a big economical crisis many felt that his expertise in finance might come in handy.

The Prime Minister is not trolled massively for his behavior. Is this how you behaved with a homeless man the opposition parties and common people are asking Rishi Sunak. After a video went viral the United Kingdom Prime Minister became a target of trolls.

Recently, the UK Prime Minister visited a homeless shelter in the capital city of London. During his visit, he served food to people and had a brief conversation with a person. While serving a person Rishi Sunak asked a person if he works in business.

To this, he replied "No, I'm homeless. I'm actually a homeless person." The video is all over social media now and people are trolling him. They ask how come a Prime Minister asks a homeless man about a business.

The opposition party leaders are widely sharing the video and they are asking what a Prime Minister should ask a homeless man. Many dubbed the visit of Rishi Sunak as an attempt to score PR points. The netizens also joined the opposition leaders to target the Prime Minister for asking a person about business who is staying at a homeless shelter.

English Musician and Singer Timothy Allan Burgess shared the video and said the UK Prime Minister is out of touch and the question he asks is not acceptable. "Rishi Sunak is so out of touch. Working for the PR points in a homeless shelter, his original question to a homeless person is "Do you have a business?" (which he switches at the last minute to "Do you work in a business?")," his caption reads.