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Isn't Faulting Court's Verdict Contempt Of Court?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   28 May 2023 11:27 AM GMT
Isnt Faulting Courts Verdict Contempt Of Court?
There are allegations that the CBI could not make a big breakthrough in Viveka's murder case despite extensive investigation. CBI leaving those who said they killed Viveka and going after YS Avinash Reddy should be seen as a reason for this. Yellow media alleging Jagan knows about the murder conspiracy plan earlier and the CBI mentioning the same angle added fuel to YCP's allegations that the yellow gang is managing CBI. High Court rapped the CBI by shooting a few questions.

Earlier, Viveka's driver on channel Live said that he killed Viveka for money. Later the property disputes came out in the case. The alleged conspiracy made by the family members to see that Viveka's second Sheikh Shameem and her son won't get the properties came out. But CBI missed these key aspects. Avinash Reddy is targeted and many say that CBI is playing to the tunes of yellow media.

There is no stopping for the yellow media. The media which gives extensive coverage in the case if the verdict comes against Avinash Reddy did not cover the news of the High Court rapping the CBI in the case. They reached a point where the yellow media is raising a point that the High Court judge might have been compromised. The videos of the debates are now doing rounds.

The stunts of yellow media came out. If they get any favorable conditions, then they say the courts are working sincerely. If that won't happen then they make allegations against the High Court judges. More particularly in ABN Venkata Krishna's "The Debate" program, direct allegations were made against the judges. The likes of former Justice Ramakrishna, BJP leader Nelson, and Raghurama Krishnam Raju even raised doubts against the courts. YCP leaders are saying that the video is a yellow media script show.

High Court's Questions For CBI:

High Court slammed the CBI which is showing Avinash Reddy as A2 in the case. Court said there are no required shreds of evidence for this. Court asked how the agency is saying Avinash Reddy is in his house. Saying that the gathering of evidence is getting late, Court asked how CBI is saying Viveka was killed for Lok Sabha's candidacy. Talking about the statements of a few who said Avinash Reddy was unofficially announced as the candidate.. Court asked how the case became political revenge death.

Stressing the point of CBI that Avinash has a strong family background, the High Court asked CBI what is the reason behind killing Viveka when the 2017 MLC elections would have been managed.

High Court slammed the CBI and asked what they are doing without seizing Avinash's phone. The High Court even raised its doubt about CBI functioning suspiciously. All these factors added fuel to the opinion that CBI is trying to frame Avinash in the court with someone's influence.