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Karnataka Govt to Shock Students Who Boycotted Exams?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   21 March 2022 10:44 AM GMT
Karnataka Govt to Shock Students Who Boycotted Exams?
The Hijab controversy which was born in Karnataka is not giving any sign of getting dissolved. Despite the issue pending with the Supreme Court and the court is yet to hear the petitions, the Muslim students and the supporters are keeping up their fight in the issue.

The Muslim students who are still in shock with the verdict given by the Karnataka High Court in the hijab row took a key decision and had not sat for the Practical exams of the Pre University Education (PUE). The students have decided on this as a bid to show their protest.

Their decision might cost them big time as the Karnataka government is said to have taken a key decision that the students who had boycotted the exams will not be given a chance for the re-exam. This will give a big setback for the students who had boycotted the exams as they will lose the marks they would get if they wrote the exams.

The main reason behind the issue getting bigger and bigger is that the government wants uniformity to be followed at the educational institutions, while the Muslim students want the government to allow them to wear the hijab.

Reports say that the state government is very firm on its decision to not grant another choice for the students to sit for the exams. Saying that those who won’t appear for the exams would have to sit for supplementary exams and this applies for the protesting students too, the concerned Minister reportedly said that the students have to look at this.

It has to be mentioned here that, recently the Karnataka High Court said that wearing Hijab is not an essential part of Islam and for the same reason, they cannot issue orders allowing the Muslim students on wearing hijab.

Several protests broke out after the verdict, a few members of a Muslim outfit reportedly issued threats to the judges who gave the verdict. Following this, the accused were arrested and protection was given to the judges. India's top court Supreme Court said that it will decide on hearing the petition after the Holi festival.