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Leave Moonlighting Or Face Termination: Infosys Warns Employees!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   13 Sep 2022 11:57 AM GMT
Leave Moonlighting Or Face Termination: Infosys Warns Employees!
The moonlighting model followed by the employees has placed the Tech giants and employees against each other. The IT firms are seeing this as another form of cheating as they think employees cannot give their best to both jobs they hold. We are hearing about the moonlighting of late with the IT firms giving their take on the policy.

Popular tech giant Wipro strongly opposed this and said employees cannot do two jobs at the same time as they will not be able to dedicate time to both jobs. Now another IT firm joined the list and said the policy is not good to apply. The employees were given a strong warning.

Bengaluru-based IT major, Infosys strongly opposed the moonlighting model and said that it cannot encourage dual employment. The employees are believed to have received an email from the employers saying that holding two jobs at a time is nothing but violating the code and conduct and the employees might get fired.

The version of Infosys is that employees having two jobs will not be able to dedicate time for two jobs and not do justice for the jobs and being unable to do complete justice is not appreciable for anyone. Citing this as a reason, the Tech giant is saying that it is not a good practice to hold both jobs.

Infosys often takes big projects which require the employees to give their best in completing them. Employees focusing on part-time projects and other start-ups might clash with their work engagements. The Bengaluru-based tech giant is talking about the same.

Having warned the employees to not take up alternative jobs, the Infosys company is believed to have issued a big warning that, if employees are found holding two jobs at a time, then they might be slapped with a termination. The same was reportedly said in the e-mail that was sent to the employees.

Moonlighting policy is a model where employees hold two jobs. Besides their full-time job, they also do part-time jobs in their free time. The IT firms are strongly opposing this. However, the employees are saying what's wrong if they can manage both jobs.

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