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Lokesh Babu's Mahanadu speech: End-game for Atchen Naidu, Somireddy?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   29 May 2022 8:03 AM GMT
Lokesh Babus Mahanadu speech: End-game for Atchen Naidu, Somireddy?
Nara Lokesh raked up a huge storm within the TDP with his recent comments at the Mahanadu. He said that those who have lost thrice consecutively would not be given tickets in the 2024 elections. He said that young blood is the need of the hour and those who have been enjoying party posts for over 4 decades should make way to the younger lot. He then suggested that those who held a particular position for two continuous terms should stand down to enable other leaders to grow.

While these are all well-meaning suggestions that any party gleefully accepts, the problem is that his comments appear to be targeted against the senior leaders of the party. For instance, the likes of former minister Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy, who have lost thrice on trot, would not get a party ticket. That effectively seals his political fate.

Similarly, all those who have been in the same position for two continuous terms will now have to make way. This means their importance in the party would diminish considerably. These leaders would gradually be side-lined.

Of particular concern is that these are being seen as a direct attack on TDP AP president K Atchen Naidu. Atchen's family has been at the helm of affairs for far too long in AP's north Andhra. Analysts say Lokesh is trying to edge out Atchen Naidu. Also, Atchen Naidu's rivals like Kala Venkat Rao have suggested during the Mahanadu that the AP TDP chief's post should be given to a BC to counter the YSRCP's pro-BC pitch. All these indicate that Atchen Naidu could be gradually marginalised.

Even otherwise, the relations between Lokesh and Atchen have deteriorated especially after Atchen Naidu criticised Lokesh and said the TDP has no future in a private conversation. The contents of the video were leaked on the social media. From the latest comments at Mahanadu, it has become quite clear that Lokesh is on course to replace several senior leaders.