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Lokesh Comments on Jagan's Qualification, Kodali Nani Reacts!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   25 March 2022 11:26 AM GMT
Lokesh Comments on Jagans Qualification, Kodali Nani Reacts!
Former TDP leader and current YCP leader Kodali Nani is known for his usage of foul language while targeting opponents. There is no stopping for him after he defected to the YCP. Since then, he has been lashing out at the TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu and other party leaders on every possible occasion.

Going by the same nature, Kodali Nani had come down severely on Nara Lokesh on his comments on CM Jagan's educational qualification. Saying that it is a waste of time to even talk about Nara Lokesh, Nani asked what Lokesh has done by studying abroad.

Finding fault with Nara Lokesh challenging CM Jagan, Kodali Nani said Lokesh claims himself as one who studied abroad, but he failed in the elections. I had failed my 10th exams four times but I had won as an MLA.

Kodali Nani even dared Nara Lokesh to contest in Gudivada against him as he often says that his grandfather is from the same place. CM Jagan is too big for Nara Lokesh, he can contest against him and win the elections, he said.

On the same occasion, Nani took a dig at Lokesh serving as the national secretary of Telugu Desam Party when the party was a regional party. I wonder what made him take up the post. I would write to the election commission on this, he said.