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Masjid Imam Calls Women Running Polls Anti-Islamic!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   5 Dec 2022 11:40 AM GMT
Masjid Imam Calls Women Running Polls Anti-Islamic!
The Popular masjid in the national capital Delhi Jama Masjid recently created a big controversy by saying that women who come to the place without men will not be allowed. The Shahi Imam said that women are alleging doing wrong things in the masjid and that's why the decision was taken. The decision was called back after severe criticism.

Now another Imam raised many eyeballs with his comments. His controversial comments gave birth to a big discussion. The Imam found fault with Muslim women running the elections as it is against Islam.

Shabbir Ahmed Siddiqui, the Shahi Imam of Ahemdabad's Jama Masjid in Gujarat raised his objection to women coming to politics. He also came down severely on parties that give tickets to Muslim women. He asked if there were no men to get the party tickets.

He made these comments in reference to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi(MCD) polls. Objecting to parties giving tickets to women the Imam said that parties offering tickets is nothing but tokenism and they do this to get the votes from the community.

Saying that no law in the country says women from a particular community should run the polls, the Imam said he is against involving women in electoral politics when there is no need.

"Had there been some law in our country that mandated that only women can fight from a particular constituency…then out of compulsion it could have been allowed but there is no need to indulge women in politics unnecessarily," the Imam said.

He also gave his views on the sensational Karnataka Hijab row and said that their argument in the issue will get diluted as the court might not consider their arguments as women are running the polls at various levels.

The Imam linked women running the elections to the protection of the Hijab. He said that parties giving tickets to Muslim women will make their religion weak as they will try their luck in the polls. He added that women hold a certain position in Islam and that's why they are not allowed in mosques and contesting the polls is against Islam.